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Filming in Hungary

Hungary is an ideal country for film and television production. There is an overwhelming interest from filmmakers around the world in this country and here we provide:

  • diverse landscape from big hills and great plains to busy cities
  • a colourful weather from lush summer to vivid autumn and snowy winter to blooming spring
  • Budapest as the historical city, which is now the musical and cultural capital of central Europe
  • the city of Budapest has played the role of Rome, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Munich already in films and Hungary has acted many roles of different countries
  • well equipped studios and on location set-up
  • professional crew proficient in English
  • biggest tax rebate in the region.


Tax Rebate Info (Hungary)

Films (for cinema and television) or parts of films produced in Hungary are eligible for a 25 % (+5%) rebate based on all their expenditure emerged in the country.



  • films of all genres made for cinema release
  • feature films, series, documentaries and animations made for televisions or other distribution platforms


Eligible expenses:

All the direct film production costs are eligible except those excluded by the film law. The producer is free to spend 20% of the budget outside Hungary without suffering a reduction in the amount of the incentive. This means that not only the spend made to Hungarian taxpayers will qualify, but also some of the services provided by foreign taxpayers - up to 20% of the total production budget. (Consequently upto 32,5% of the Hungarian spend can be refunded)



General production services

Our company provides technical support and ensures the smooth running of different productions:

-          professional crew

-          location scouting, filming permits and securing all aspects of locations during filming

-          providing technical equipment

Post Production

Our company provides the needed post production equipment:

-          providing editors, technical crew

-          providing post production studios

-          providing the essential technical equipment and programs

-          storage for any kind of material


The company also provides help and assistance for finding the best locations, costumes and props and if it’s necessary we also manage the producing of the requied props and costumes:

-          costumes

-          set design and set building

-          props

-          location scouting and rental


We provide the best catering service for the production and the crew all day long:

-          providing a diverse menu

-          using the best ingredients

-          personalized and flexible menus

The catering is provided by the Indigo Indian Restaurant!


We are also providing help and assistance in all cases regarding the production:

-          managing visas

-          shooting permits

-          keeping in touch with local authorities in case anything is needed for the production

Crew for Productions abroad

We provide highly skilled & creative professionals and artists (cinematographers, sound-designers, writers) from the film-making industry of Hungary to work on remote projects. These individuals (or small teams) can travel overseas and work on specialized film related assignments.




About us

Solaz Media was founded in January 2014 and our mission is to create quality entertainment in television for the local and international market. The company has since expanded its profile. Today Solaz Media is involved in producing online content, planning and executing advertisement campaigns, format development and a constantly growing casting agency with vast database for television and film. Solaz FILM created by the collaboration of the skilled individuals provides a variety of services in film production. This professional and experienced team is mainly focussing on international productions. Our goal is to make film production in Hungary viable at competitive pricing while providing the best services in the country.



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